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Now that I know all of my boyfriend’s friends’ hate me, I’m starting to miss the old days quite a bit now. At least I didn’t feel like shit whenever I hung out with my ex’s friends’. I could even hang out with them without him and it wasn’t ever weird. Now I know the truth and it makes me feel betrayed because he lied to me. After the way he treated me the other night at that party, yeah, I feel pretty worthless. He know just how to make me feel like shit sometimes. I don’t care if you’re drunk as can be, don’t ever call me worthless and stupid and say I have, and am nothing. You’re 23 yourself and just started college last year, and I’ll have my license in one year. Fuck you I am worth something. You were an asshole. You said “I don’t really care if we date or not. It won’t affect me.” I don’t fucking care if you’re drunk or not, don’t ever fucking talk to me that way again.

"Do you even listen to The Smiths"

"my scars are screaming
they want to be
opened up again"